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Hello. My name is Carol and I want to welcome you to "Carol's Corner."

While my degree is in social welfare, my first "real job" after college was as a Probation Officer. I liked the people and the discipline that I found in a public safety setting. However, I did not care for working in an institution. Fortunately, like many public safety agencies, the Probation Department offered (and still offers) a variety of jobs, and I was able to work in an honor camp setting and then in a case-carrying assignment. Every task was interesting, challenging, and at times exciting. After only a few years, I was offered a position in administration where I was able to do a lot of work in promoting the work of the department, which was my favorite job of all.

Now, with many years of public relations experience, I consider it a pleasure and a privilege to promote the Public Safety Information Center website. Since becoming a member of the high-performing team associated with the development and design of the website, it has been my job to make everyone in California aware of it. Getting the word out means people of all ages and abilities can benefit from knowing about various links to community college courses, special population resources, professional resources, professional organizations, application requirements, assistance with job interviews and more.

To make this website the best it can be, which means helping you so that it meets your needs and wants, please talk to me and let me know what's on your mind. I invite you to tell me if you have any questions or comments about things that need to be included and are not, things that may be confusing, or things that we did well. Thanks, and know that I appreciate it.

'Looking forward to hearing from you soon...